Alejandra Castro Azuaje (1986) has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Communication with a concentration in audiovisual arts. She graduated from Andres Bello Catholic University, with a special interest in cinematography, television and photography. Most of her career has been spent producing documentaries for television and cinematography industry. Her focus has been to understand the audiovisual field as a way to generate a change in the spectator’s view and to affect a transformation within the society. With this in mind she has been engaged within the community by teaching children with limited access about photography. 
In 2009 she participated in the photography exhibition “40x40”, organized by Venezuelan Photographers. In 2010 she co-produced the photography exhibition “Sparkling Nights” at the Center for Latinoamerican Studies Romulo Gallegos, the most prestigious Venezuelan cultural institute.

Since 2008 she has continued to develop within the cinematography field, first as a costume assistant on the film “Be Careful with What You Dream” (to be released in 2012). In 2009 she became fully involved with cinematography production working on the film “The Law” (also to be released in 2012). In 2010 she had the opportunity to work on the movie “The Zero Hour”, which became the most popular movie in Venezuela in the last twenty years. That year she also worked as a field producer on the short film “The Dissidents”.

The year 2011 was a year of great professional development. She participated in the International Film Festival of Guadalajara as a member of the production team of the documentary film “With and Without You”. The film was awarded as the Best Documentary at that festival, as well as being recognized as the Best Full-Length Film at the Amazonia Docs 3 in Brazil. The film was directed by renowned Venezuelan director Tuki Jencquel. Also in 2011 she worked as a production coordinator on the full-length film “Rose Blue and No Blue” (to be released in 2012), and also worked on the production of the short film “Alberto’s” (also to be released in 2012). Both productions were sponsored by the Autonomous National Center of Cinematography (ANCC), which manages the cinematography industry in Venezuela.

In 2012 she started to produce advertisements for the cinematography industry and for television. She also produced her first piece of a video art, entitled “Rose Caracas”.
Alejandra is currently being trained in art direction for cinematography in Bogota, Colombia.

Caracas Rosa
Video Clip