Josue Bernabé was born in the southeast of Spain however him is a kind of nomad.
For the past three years he has been living in London, and embracing the city's vibrant culture.
He has lived in Portugal and Italy too and the suitcase became his home.

From a young age his passion for art and films made him realized that this was the path that he was born to follow.
His work has been screened in several festivals around the world.

Nowadays his work lies in create surrealist landscapes from old found-footage and collage. Sometimes he scratch them, sometimes he paint over the frame, but over all his videos are a moving collage.



2015 Elegía a Ramón Sijé

2015 Visitors/Corridors

2015 Ruinlust

2015 Filias y fobias (Joe Doe, El futuro, L´origine du monde)

2014 Prólogo

2014 The waiting Room

2014 Kill the Pig

2013 Fauna Urbana

2013 Viva España

2012 Princesse

2012 Expiación