Talita Caselato born in Marília_SP. Lives and works in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She graduated BA in Visual Arts from UNICAMP. Academic Exchange conducted with USP. Grant received CNPq / PIBIC on Undergraduate Research. In 2011 was awarded Marília's Salon and participated in the exhibitions: 36 pés at São Paulo-SP, BANG IV International Festival of Videoart; 20_odd years: the portfolio at Baró Gallery, curated by Juliana Monachesi, Jorge Menna Barreto, Christine Mello and Adriano Casanova. In 2010 participated in the exhibitions: Dialogue at MAC_Americana; Weight 32 at MAC_Campinas and Art Gallery of Unicamp; Salon Recôncavo of Audiovisual Arts; Living Room- Video Art Show in Fortaleza curated by Simone Barreto; Scout Art at Cultural Center Electoral Court of Rio de Janeiro curated by Fernando Cocchiarale. In 2009 was awarded Exchange FICC 2008/2009 _ Investment Fund Cultural of Campinas and participated in exhibitions: Your body and /in landscape with Bruno Faria, Waléria Americo and Yuri Firmeza at Ateliê Aberto in Campinas_SP; EPTV_ 30 years 79> 09 Campinas _Ribeirão Preto (web exposure); Biennial South Wind with coletacoletivo and Bebaprafrente; 2° Salon of Visual Arts of Unicamp with coletacoletivo. In 2008 the 10th National Salon Victor Meirelles under jury Paulo Herkenhoff, Marcio Sampaio, Cauê Alves, AnitaPrado and Ana Gonzales Koneski in Florianópolis_SC and 59° April Salon curated by Ricardo Resende, Andres Hernandez and Siegbert Franklin. In 2007 participated in the exhibition: Zone Experiment: Space Plurals II curated by Regina Johas at Lake House in Campinas. Website:
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