“STREETVIDEOART” movement in Paris 2013

"Red Rain" has been selected for the next show within the public spaces of the city of Sceaux and projection at the Cinema Trianon / 26 January - 06 February 2013. StreetVideoArt is an international art movement launched in 2012 in Paris. Made up of video artists from all over the world, consisting of a number of actions, performances and exhibitions of emerging video art in an urban context, in public space and Internet, Streetvideoart is gradually growing and expanding number of participants involved in it. In 2013 StreetVideoArt movement will continue with guerrilla-type video performances in public and secret places and will be presented in several contemporary art galleries. This new art movement is covered, filmed and documented within the television program Art TV (artchannel.info), on the Web platform oart.tv and streetvideoart.com, via Internet and social networks (facebook.com/streetvideoart)