(Madrid, 1968) Writer, composer, producer, moviemaker… Founder of the electronic music band El sueño de Hyparco, wich performs at places like Barcelona (SONAR), Madrid, Sevilla, or New York (New Music Seminar). His recordings and multimedia shows ("Ambientes Hormonales", "If", "The Gallery") have always achieved excellent reviews, emphasizing the atmospheric, dark and hi-tech environment of his works. Co-founder of Hyades Arts, avantgarde Spanish record label specializing in electronic music, his strong literary vocation drove him to publish several books in Spain, as "La clepsidra" (Ed. Libertarias), "Arte, placer y tecnología" (Anaya), the polemic "Mundo Artificial" (Temas de Hoy) or "Fabius dormido", the first Spanish novel published on the Internet (Manuscritos.com, March, 2000). Frequent contributor in big printing editions and newspapers, writing about art, movies and technology. Well known in Spain as one of the most innovative artists, he has two short films: "Labios" and "2.019". "Off" was his first feature film, shot on locations at London, Paris, Istanbul, Madrid, Florence, Oslo, New York, Moscow and Tokio. His second feature is "SeX" (2004), inspired on Boccaccio's "Decameron". With “Eye”, a 3 minutes video-art piece, he complete his "Trilogy of Senses".
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