[]( Multimedia artist. BA in Fine Arts from the UCM. Her works had been displayed in exhibitions, festivals and video and digital art fairs as: Images du Futur (Montreal), DFA’s Dance on Camera Festival (New York), MOVES (Manchester and other festival venues), LOOP Fair(Barcelona), Estampa Fair: Stand Tentaciones (Madrid), Óptica Festival (Gijón y Madrid), VAD Festival (Girona), FRAME (Porto), Premi Videodansa (Mercat dels flors, Barcelona), la Nuit Blanche (París), Instituto Cervantes (París y Manchester), Foro Internacional Art Tech Media, La Casa Encendida (Madrid), la Fundición theater (Bilbao), El Canto de la Cabra theater (Madrid), Espacio Menos Uno (Madrid), Cruce (Madrid), Sismo Festival at Matadero (Madrid), TV program Metrópolis (la 2 tve), Escena Contemporánea festival (Madrid), Prize at festival Visual 09 (Madrid), among others. Her work on video usually reflects on artistic activity itself, using the camera as a witness of our perception of art and time, often gazing at the art spectator and turning attention towards the unseen, the memory, the outside box.
Acta est Fabula
Video Performance
Video Performance
The goalkeeper and the void
Video minute
Art creation