Nuria Gil (Madrid, 1977) video artist, photographer and writer, has shown her work in group exhibitions, some solo shows, books and magazines in different museums and galleries over the world. Latidoamérica, her video notebook won an award in Bang! Festival and it has been exhibited in BAC! (CCCB), Loop (CCDFB), Joan Miró Foundation, FEM (Spain), Mouvart (France) and Experimenta! (Brasil). Poetika, her latest video art, has been screened in Cartographic (Matadero Madrid), Espacio menosuno and Loop 2011 (Spain). She is also member of Confusion Group Art Collective with whom she has directed the three awards winner short/performance “Sorry to bother you”, selected in more than 40 international festivals. It has been acquired by the Madrid Contemporary Art Museum as well as a painting and a video sculpture of Confusion Group. Their animation short, “Oink!” has been selected in more than 20 international festivals.
Poetry & Narration
Poetry & Narration