Transdisciplinary visual artist, after dedicating himself to music, theater, sculpture, photography and animation, he graduates in cinema as a Ruy Guerra student on the same year that he received the award for best director in the IX Gramado Cine Video with the short movie “Berro”. In 2001 starts working as editor, manly for advertising and documentary and in 2003 begins his career as a filmmaker. He worked with Elizabeth Formaggini and Jom Tob Azulay, follow his cinematography studies with Paula Gaitan and Carmen Avalos. Performed pieces for many musical artists such as Jards Macalé, Marcelo Bonfá, Katia B, Vulgue Tostoi, Nsista and Tom Bloch, also created the memorial film of brazilian painter Candido Portinari' s centennial. Gifted with a strong poetic vein, Tiago sails through digital arts inside animation, experimental cinema, veejaying and video clip. As a director experiments creatively the possibilities of multimedia language.
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Video minute
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