FEMMES' VIDEO ART FESTIVAL 2 at The Situation Room, Los Angeles, CA
20/07/2016 to 20/07/2016
Contemporary, international video art by female identified makers of all ages. 

This is a Video Art Festival of works (of any theme) made by female-identified artists. The first iteration of this festival was featured at The Situation Room (in Los Angeles) in February 2015, and was profiled on MSNBC for their series Breaking Glass. 

In 2016, the festival will take place on March 12, to coincide with Women’s History Month and a large exhibition of Gallery Tally Posters (about gender equity in the art world) at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE). 
The videos will also screen at LACE for 2 weeks during this exhibition. 
This festival is intended to showcase and celebrate female-identified voices in international contemporary video art. We are particularly interested in a wide range of content and styles. 
Given the continued lack of support, representation, and valuing of women artists in the contemporary art world, the inspiration for this festival is to showcase great video art, to examine the themes and styles concerning video artists today, and to provide the ability and opportunity for femme artists to "speak their truth".

We will now be doing the Femmes' Video Art Festival 2 over two days (April 23rd and April 30th) at The Situation Room, and there will also be a 10-day long rotation of video art programs that we will feature at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (in Hollywood), concurrent with the Gallery Tally exhibition. Because of the quantity, quality, and diversity of the submissions that we received, we have made special efforts to include as many of the videos as possible in the programming. We have curated a series of individual, thematic programs that will be in rotation at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) between April 6th and April 17th.


We are very excited that the video ISTO was selected to show in the Femmes’ Video Art Festival at The Situation Room on April 23rd. It will also be included in the rotations at LACE. 

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